John Fontaine

John Fontaine

A couple months ago I was doing an online search for someone to do website work for my travel agency. In that period I received several responses but OgreLogic stood out among the crowd. I received a personal call from Alex during which he outlined his recommendations that would improve my website.  I looked no further as his ideas were relevant and was what I had in mind.

The rest is history as I not only gave him the job but has retained the services of his company to date. We have developed a great working relationship. Alex has been very attentive to my concerns before making any recommendations which he thinks would benefit my agency. I have found him to be very patient and professional. He is reliable and his quality of work has been excellent. He has made every effort to consult me on all issues to ensure all my concerns are taken care off.

OgreLogic is now responsible for the SEO and digital marketing of my agency. Since, I have seen substantial progress in my SEO page rank with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Also my social media platform is growing. My following on Facebook has doubled in two months and there is a lot more interaction with my clients.

Because of a great and fruitful relationship I have now assigned OgreLogic to do a new website for my agency. I will continue to use their services for all my travel agency website and digital media services. I have no problem recommending their services to you as they have performed beyond my expectations.

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