Benefits of Virtual Resourcing

With Virtual resourcing there is no need for ramping up for short term projects. Clients can reach markets faster and have a higher development rate.

Risk Management

Heard of the adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket? Having your own IT department handle the entire process life cycle puts the entire system at risk. Virtual resourcing provides you with the same degree of control, more flexibility and less business & attrition risks.

Improved Focus

Focus on your core competency and hire from our talented pool of experts experienced with your product life cycle, improving your overall success.

Cost Optimization

Optimize your costs by hiring relevant and skilled virtual resources as per your production needs, instead of paying for infrastructure, training, hiring and a year round full-time employee who only work half the time.

Augment Existing Resources

Hiring industry specialists help fill in your product life cycle gaps and progress your scalability while adding valuable skills to your employee portfolio.


Whether You Need An Android Developer, A Web Designer, A Quality Engineer Or A Project Manager, Our Virtual Real-Time Ogres Can Fulfill All Your IT Needs.


Assured Security

OgreLogic uses US standard security protocols to make sure your IP is fully protected

Dedicated Resource

The resource we provide you will work exclusively for your project only

Experienced Staff

Resources at OgreLogic have a minimum 3 years relevant industry work experience

Onshore Support

We provide you an onsite project manager stateside for better integration with your existing process

Low Turnover

We ensure low turnover rate for increased stability in your project life cycle

Global Talent

Our plethora of virtual ogres comes from varied backgrounds

Our Process

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